Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of ‘ghost kitchens’ have popped up in major cities around the world. Without needing brick and mortar locations, these non-traditional restaurants rely on third-party delivery services like SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, and UberEats to fill orders. Most of the time, ghost kitchens make great food! But one Calgary Reddit user recently caught the short end of the stick with their order from a little place called Rocky’s Italian Restaurant.

Now, we’re not usually in the business of tearing down local establishments, but Rocky’s is…unique. Not unique in a good way, but more like the way you’d say “that could be interesting” about something that you basically have zero interest in.

Rocky’s Italian offers classics like a variety of meatball pasta, three-cheese pasta, and even veal sandwiches and the always divisive meatball sando.

Despite only having 8 Google reviews, Rocky’s has managed to create quite a few enemies. In fact, all 8 reviews are absolutely scathing, filled with customers unsure if the food they received was even edible.

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Uber Eats Nightmare
Photo Via Google

Typically, reviews like this would mean a place shuts down. But not Rocky’s! They’ve collected these reviews slowly and surely over a period of four months, dishing out god knows what in lieu of the simple but traditional Italian fare they advertise.

Never in a million years would we have expected just how bad this could get, but then came along Reddit user munsch_kin. After posting a picture of their ‘Expectation vs Reality’ order from Rocky’s Italian, hundreds of Calgary Reddit users descended upon the post to eviscerate what couldn’t possibly be a real food order.

Uber Eats nightmare
Photo Via Reddit user munsch_kin

On the left, the $12.99 Ground Beef Pasta as seen on Rocky’s Italian UberEats page. On the right, what was actually delivered.

User RainyDaysAreWet didn’t hold back, saying “I literally gagged. I felt physical pain from looking at that image.” Another user, by the name of November_15th, felt just as strongly, saying “That’s disrespectful to food.” Honestly, we agree.

We can’t deny that this is the stuff of kitchen nightmares. And if you’re in Calgary, we’d say maybe give Rocky’s a pass.