While Canada is home to some stunning vacation options, we will say that it’s sorely lacking in the seriously wild stuff. Sure, we’ve got a couple of modern and unique options, but nothing compared to the international scene. So, when we heard about the new OMG! Fund from Airbnb, we knew that we had to share the opportunity.

Basically, Airbnb has set aside $10M USD for people all over the world to share their most wild ideas, including for Canadian options. The OMG! Fund is open to anyone, but Airbnb specifically mentions “aspiring designers, architects, DIYers and makers” as the target for this.

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Airbnb has created an expert panel to judge the proposals based on their “originality, feasibility, the experience the space will provide guests, and sustainability.” Basically, they’re looking for the craziest ideas around, but not SO crazy that actually building it would be impossible.

Speaking of building, Airbnb will be picking 100 (!!) different designs from around the world for this fund, and dishing out $100,000 USD to help build each and every one of them. So, whether you’re trying to make a house of straw in Prairies, a tiny home in a Toronto park, or a converted vehicle with a view on the West Coast, we have to say the odds might be in your favour.

For more information about the new OMG! Fund from Airbnb, and to apply yourself, head over to their website.