The city of Toronto may feel like it’s covered in modern condos and buildings but did you know there are homes still standing in the city that date back to the 1700s?! If you ever wondered what the oldest home in Toronto is, we have the answer.

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Scadding Cabin

scadding cabin
Image via City of Toronto

According to the City of Toronto Archives, Scadding Cabin which is on the Exhibition grounds, is said to have been built east of the Don River, south of Queen Street around 1794 which makes it the oldest house in the city!

The York Pioneer and Historical Society says “The cabin’s first owner was John Scadding, an assistant to Upper Canada’s first Lieutenant Governor, John Graves Simcoe. Scadding’s 250-acre property was on the east bank of the Don River and his log home sat near where present-day Queen Street crosses the Don Valley Parkway.”

How the cabin was physically moved to the Exhibition Grounds where it now stands isn’t known, but according to The York Pioneer and Historical Society, it is suspected the logs from the house were floated down the Don River and along the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

If you want to take a look at this slice of history yourself just head to 25 British Columbia Road in the city’s west end.

Now that you know where this piece of Toronto’s history is located, why not check it out?