If you love exploring BC landmarks, we’ve got a fun one to add to your fall road trip itinerary. Situated in the historic village of Coombs on Vancouver Island, the Old Country Market was created in the early ’70s by Norwegian immigrants Kristian and Solveig Graaten. In typical Norwegian style, the market was built directly into the hillside with a sod roof, which would become one of the most famous in the world.

Now owned and operated by Larry and Lene Geekie, the market has since expanded to include a gaggle of rooftop goats, which have become one of the top tourist destinations in all of BC. So if you want to meet the famous goats that have made the market’s rooftop their home, be sure to visit by the end of October.

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Other attractions to check out in Coombs include multiple heritage buildings like the Coombs General Store (in operation since 1910), the Coombs Emporium, and exciting annual events like the Coombs Country Arts & Crafts Fair that happens mid-July, and the Emerald Forest Bird Garden.

As well, visitors can enjoy a day on the lake at the Cameron Lake Recreation Site.

Note that the famed goats are there to visit from May to October every year, and are up on the roof 24/7 as they tend the grass and entertain locals and travellers alike.

So there you have it, BC! If you haven’t yet met the rooftop goats in Coombs, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Old Country Market

Where: Coombs, BC