You better watch out – you better not cry! Because with Christmas on its way, there are only 2 weeks to secure your spot on Santa’s nice list.

Published annually by The Department of Christmas Affairs, the “official” Naughty or Nice list is now public with a total of 29,367 names from A to Z… the majority of which will be getting something sweet this year!

Using the “Global Behaviour Tracking Network and data mining technology to determine who will be in good favour come Christmas,” DOCA confirmed that 19,573 people can expect something other than coal on the 25th, which is great – as long as you’re among them.

Luckily, if you’re not, you can have your name reviewed and are encouraged to submit your case on their website so there’s very little to worry about.

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Despite being just for fun, you and yours are in the hands of a ton of real people working around the clock to get as many people on Kris Kringle’s holiday hit list – which can be seen in its entirety here or search for your name below!

In addition – those who were given festive clearance and are now looking for a little validation are encouraged to download a “verified nice pass” to their digital wallet before hitting the town this season – because why heck not?

It might not get you into exclusive parties or replace your passport at security – but it might get you a high five from a close friend after one too many rum nogs.

Now, go forth and check it out!

We hope for your sake that Ol’ Nick didn’t see that one thing you did, that one time – because that would land you on the official naughty list for sure.