You might have already caught wind of the plan, but Odd Burger, a vegan restaurant chain that has been dominating the eastern provinces, is coming to Calgary. And following their initial announcement, they’ve got a nice lil update about the new outpost.

Most importantly, a location has been picked! The first Odd Burger in Calgary (and likely all of western Canada) will be located at 1515 14th Street SW. That puts it right on the edge of the Beltline, and just a stone’s throw from the 17th Ave McDonald’s. A little competition? We think so.

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Unfortunately, there’s still no timeline on when the new location will officially open. But, ever the optimists, we’re hoping to be able to try it before the summer wraps up. A (relatively) healthy burger and some friends after an afternoon walk? Don’t mind if we do.

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep you in the loop as more information comes out! Stay tuned, folks.