Ready to hit the ice rink this fall? Seattle has many great options when it comes to ice skating. But why not get out of town and check out Spokane’s Riverfront Park ice skating trail? The Numerica Skate Ribbon is a holiday tradition you don’t want to miss and here’s what it’s like.

The Numerica Skate Ribbon is a 16′ wide and 650′ long ice pathway with a 3,500-square-foot attached rink. It’s not your everyday ice rink experience as skaters get to enjoy slight inclines and declines on their journey around the path. It’s also surrounded by a “beautiful Northwest-inspired landscape.”

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numerica skate ribbon
Photo via Riverfront Park

The path isn’t the only attraction though, there are also large, cozy fire pits for both spectators and skaters alike to enjoy cups of hot cocoa. Or you can check out the Sky Ribbon Café for a variety of eats with a large windowed dining area.

When it comes to admission, you pay $9.95 per hour as an adult and can also rent skates for $6.95 per visit. There’s also an option to purchase an unlimited season pass for $38.95.

So grab your skates and head over to Spokane to experience the Numerica Skate Ribbon.

Numerica Skate Ribbon

When: Opens Friday, November 17th
Where: 507 N Howard St, Spokane, WA
Cost: Per hour $9.95-$38.95+