Since last October when North America practically erupted with Aurora fever, many have kept their eyes on the skies – staying up well past the sunset to catch a glimpse of bright blues and greens. Unfortunately, since then, there’s been many an evening that they have been lost behind clouds and tired eyes, but as we reported yesterday, this week is looking good for those hoping to get ahead of the Northern Lights in Southern Canada.

While they’re rarely promised to the provinces like Alberta and British Columbia, many reliable sources have confirmed that the sun will continue to be quite active, giving southern Borealis Chasers much to keep tabs on over the next couple of days.

Not sure if it’s worth losing sleep over it? While faint and short-lived for those below the Aurora belt, last night several people across lower Canada were able to catch a glimpse of the lights sharing photos of it this morning.


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Of course, while we’d wish we could give you a definitive “watch” or “don’t watch” for every day this week – a Northern Lights display in southern Canada can be tough to predict (much like the weather), so we’d recommend checking Astronomy North’s Aurora Forecast as often as possible.

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Photo via Astronomy North

As we write this, there is a geomagnetic storm watch that remains in effect – with the organization predicting that those in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northern British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland be on alert tonight.

Here’s to a cloudless sky in your area, Canada! Good luck out there and stay warm!