Cross your fingers for a clear sky tonight, space-lovers, photographers and romance-seekers, because due to an intense solar storm there’s a good chance that much of Canada will see the Northern Lights this week.

According to the folks at Space Weather Live, as well as Aurora Forecast, our neighbouring star has been incredibly active – meaning those in the more southern parts of the country will likely get a show they won’t soon forget.

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A Gaseous collision of particles and our atmosphere, the Northern Lights are often visible from destinations like the Yukon, Norway and Greenland; however, after a more significant solar flare (like this one), the cause of an Aurora is pushed down and out giving those in Alberta, BC and Ontario a better seat for the colourful phenomenon.

North America saw an example of this last October when several provinces were caught under a yellow and green dome of stars.

As explained on, a large sunspot practically quadrupled in size last weekend, releasing a mass of charged particles in our planet’s direction – so get out there and keep your eyes peeled folks.

You could be one of the lucky ones!