Grab a coffee, charge your phone and top up your gas tank, space enthusiasts. This evening, some Alberta night owls could see the Northern Lights and you’re going to want to be ready when the sun goes south.

As predicted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and hues of blue and green could be visible overhead in Edmonton and Fort McMurray tonight, Thursday, March 16th.

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Photo via University of Alaska Fairbanks

A phenomenon that occurs when gas from our neighbouring star collides with nitrogen in Earth’s atmosphere, the Northern Lights are often visible from destinations like the Yukon, Norway and Greenland.

Sometimes, however (when the sun is more active) the bright neon streaks are pushed down and out giving other provinces a better seat for the show.

Of course, nothing is promised and visibility could depend on the weather in your area so we wouldn’t recommend betting your life on anything.

Our advice? Don’t get your hopes up too high, pack some snacks and no matter where you live, head as far away from light pollution as you can. Who knows, you could be among the lucky few who get to see the Northern Lights in Alberta!

Good luck, remember to tag us in your photos and enjoy!