With the increasing demand of travellers hoping to get NEXUS memberships, the Canadian Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection plan to reopen all NEXUS enrolment centres in Canadian airports very soon.

According to a release, both agencies will see that the centres reopen to the public by this spring. By doing so, it will “expand the program’s capacity” and help those who request a NEXUS card to get them faster.

Travellers can now book interviews at select airports with interview start dates as early as March 27th – Halifax Stanfield International Airport and Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

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Vancouver International Airport will have interviews available starting April 3rd, Calgary International Airport and Edmonton International Airport starting April 12, Montreal-Trudeau International Airport starting April 17th, and Toronto Pearson International Airport and Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport on April 24th.

Applicants can choose from the three options for their NEXUS interviews:

  1. A joint U.S. – Canada interview at a land enrolment centre (14 locations) in the U.S.
  2. split interview at a Canadian land enrolment centre (2 locations) followed by an interview at a U.S. land enrolment centre (Canadian interview is conducted at the Canadian enrolment centre and the U.S. interview is completed at the corresponding U.S. enrolment centre located just across the border at the port of entry).
  3. two-step interview at a Canadian airport enrolment centre (8 locations), followed by an interview at a U.S. preclearance location in a Canadian airport.

To be more clear, once the Canadian portion of the interview is complete, applicants can finish the U.S. portion before their next flight to the U.S. at a preclearance location. An appointment is required for this U.S. interview but definitely give yourself some time before your flight to do so.

“The U.S. interview can be completed at any of the 8 Canadian airports where the U.S. is currently conducting preclearance operations,” according to the CBSA. Both of the interviews do not need to be done on the same day, or at the same airport.

According to the CBSA, conditionally-approved NEXUS applicants and renewing members who require an interview will have the ability to book the Canadian portion of their interview at one of these airports through the Trusted Traveller Programs scheduler once times are available.

“Existing members who renew their membership prior to the expiry date will have their benefits extended for up to five years to allow for the scheduling and completion of interviews, as required (if they have not been auto-renewed).”

Good luck to all those that apply!