If you work remotely in Canada and are craving a change of scenery, you can’t do better than a digital nomad visa to one of these European countries. Immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, and experience international travel while still working at your company of choice. The perfect trifecta, if you ask us!

And now, the list of possibilities grows even longer, with Spain’s new digital nomad visa now open to Canadian applicants!

After over a year of build-up, Spain has officially launched a new remote work visa, giving non-EU nationals the chance to live and work in Spain for up to five years. The decision was passed by the Spanish parliament in November of 2022, in an effort to give the country’s tech scene an extra boost.

Now, Canadians can choose from at least seven digital nomad visas, in Greece, Estonia, Croatia and Portugal, to name a few others.

As for Spain, the visa is open to those who work remotely for non-Spanish companies, with applicants allowed to get a maximum of 20% of their income from Spanish firms.

Who can apply?

Let’s dive into the requirements. Applicants must meet all of the following before applying:

  • Must work remotely at a single non-Spanish company or work as a freelancer with multiple clients
  • Must be from outside of the European Economic Area
  • Must not have lived in Spain within five years prior to applying
  • Must prove they have worked with their company or clients for more than three months
  • Their company must have been operational for at least one year
  • Must have a contract of employment, or be able to provide proof of freelance work
  • Minimum of three years’ work experience in their field

How to apply

As well as satisfying the professional requirements above, applicants must meet several other requirements in order to apply:

  • Income of 200% of the country’s monthly minimum wage  (proven through bank statements, contracts, & invoices)
  • Must possess health insurance
  • Must possess proof of a two-year clear criminal record, and a clean record for the last five years

Canadians can apply for Spain’s digital nomad visa directly through their nearest consulate or embassy:

  • Consulate of Spain in Edmonton – 607 Wolf Willow Road
  • Consulate of Spain in Halifax – 5450 Kaye Street, Suite 106
  • Consulate of Spain in Montreal – 1200 Avenue McGill College, Suite 2025
  • Consulate of Spain in St. John’s – 131, Duckworth Street
  • Consulate of Spain in Toronto – 2 Bloor St East, Suite 1201
  • Consulate of Spain in Vancouver – 2185 Capilano Road, North Vancouver
  • Consulate of Spain in Winnipeg – 788 Coventry Road, Winnipeg

Note that digital nomad visas in Spain are valid for 12 months or for the duration of the employment period, if shorter than 12 months. However, remote workers can renew their visas for up to five years, as long as they are not absent from the country for more than six months per year.