Are you looking for some, ahem, unconventional means of income? Well, this might be your answer! Because Seeking Arrangements has just revealed the list of top cities for sugar dating. And it turns out Toronto takes Canada’s top spot!

Look, we know that living in Toronto is expensive. But damn. If you wanna talk numbers, apparently this city’s got 171,215 sugar babies and 53,149 sugar daddies registered on the site. Anything for a little extra income, we suppose.

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Some of the other Canadian cities to get top spots include Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and Edmonton. And all of those spots have numbers in the tens of thousands for users. We guess this income stream is more popular than we thought. More power to ya, people!

If you wanna learn more about hot spots for sugar dating, you can check out the full list here. Seeking Arrangements has also posted their numbers for cities in other countries on their Twitter. So feel free to do some perusing to find all the popular spots.