We’ve got a hunch that public golfing had a banner year in 2020, and we’re in for more of the same this summer. And, Golf Magazine has just released a list of the best public courses in Canada for 2021. There’s a slight catch though, because they got their facts wrong. Here’s the scoop.

The list of 7 courses comes from Golf’s largest ranking of the Top 100 Courses You Can Play, which up until this year only listed American courses. However, 2021 has seen the introduction of courses in Mexico, Bermuda, and Canada! Well, we guess it also came with the introduction of oversight.

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Because there are 7 courses on this list, but one of them is fully private. Before we say which one, here are the ones that got the nod (ranked out of 100 total, not just in Canada):

4. Cabot Cliffs, Nova Scotia
12. Cabot Links, Nova Scotia
17. Fairmont Banff Springs, Alberta
24. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Alberta
28. Highlands Links, Nova Scotia
74. Muskoka Bay, Ontario
97. Blackhawk, Alberta

Part-time golfers, can you guess which of these is not like the others? That’s right- Blackhawk Golf Club in Spruce Grove is a fully-private course, and no public tee times are available. We’d understand the mixup if this was like the 80s and you had to phone and ask, but this is one of the foremost golf publications in the world, and all this info is online.

So, in light of Golf Magazine’s blunder, we’re submitting two replacement picks for number 97. Dinosaur Trail Golf in Drumheller, Alberta, and particularly the back 9, is great for those who want to feel like they’re golfing on Mars. Meanwhile, Big Sky Golf Club in Pemberton, BC is proof that fantastic mountain golf isn’t reserved for the Rockies.

Happy golfing, folks! No throwing your hybrid into any lakes, ya hear?