It is officially a new year, and with that comes a whole new set of laws and regulations that will be taking effect for 2024.

If you want to stay in the know, here are some of the new laws, rules and regulations Ontario has made official.

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More retail cannabis stores

Ontario is increasing the limit of cannabis retail store authorizations from 75 to 150 per licensed retail operator and their affiliates. According to the Government of Ontario, “This increase is intended to help further support a healthy and competitive legal cannabis market throughout the province.”

Child-care safety policies

If you’re a parent you’ll want to know about this change as of January 1st. The province now requires all child-care operators to develop a Safe Arrival and Dismissal Policy outlining what steps they will take to ensure a child is always monitored in case they don’t arrive at the licensed childcare program or are not picked up as expected.

Fines for breaking patient confidentiality

Ontario is strengthening privacy protection by adding new regulations that will impose monetary penalties on individuals and organizations that contravene Ontario’s health privacy law, such as inappropriately accessing or sharing a patient’s personal health information.

Quicker international teacher licensing

The Ontario College of Teachers will now have to decide within 60 business days of the application request on the certification of internationally trained teachers. According to the Government of Ontario, “This change is intended to help get more qualified teachers into Ontario classrooms faster.”

Crackdowns on tow-trucks

Changes to the tow-truck industry and now in place and some of them will benefit drivers. According to Ontario, the province “will require tow operators, vehicle storage operators and tow truck drivers to comply with customer protection requirements and industry standards. Effective January 1, 2024, new customer rights will be introduced, including rights related to providing consent to tow, choosing where your vehicle is towed, accessing your vehicle, invoices and payments.”

Take note of these new laws and regulations, Ontario!