North Bay is a picture-perfect winter destination in Ontario and production companies seem to agree!

The holidays are for wintery activities, spending time with friends and family and of course, watching cheesy holiday movies! We bet when you’re curled up watching a wintery flick you wouldn’t guess that many of them are actually filmed in North Bay Ontario!

Here are a few Christmas movies you can watch that were filmed in North Bay.

Fall Into Winter 

This movie premieres on January 28th, 2024, so mark it on your calendar.

You can expect to see a pretty big name in this one as it stars Lori Loughlin! The movie is about a woman named Kelly, who has to work next to her nemesis Brooks, her brother’s high school best friend who now owns half of Kelly’s family-owned candy shop.

Keep an eye out in the background – you may catch some North Bay scenery!

great american family
Image via Great American Family

Christmas at the Drive-In

Here’s another flick to get you in the holiday spirit filmed in North Bay!

Christmas at the Drive-In is about a property lawyer who works to prove that her town’s Drive-In theatre is not closed down during the holidays, finding romance with the very person who is trying to sell the property. Sounds adorable!

This movie was filmed in North Bay in 2022 and is out now for you to watch!

great american family
Image via Great American Family

The Great Christmas Switch

Grab some hot chocolate and cozy up – we have another holiday movie filmed in good ol’ North Bay.

The Great Christmas Switch is also out so you can watch it before Christmas this year! This flick is about Sophia, a single girl in the city with a demanding boss, and a single mother of two in the Midwest who decides to switch places for Christmas in an effort to get away from their problems for a little while.

The perfect movie to watch with the family!

Image via IMDB

Nothing like a classic holiday movie this time of year, and even cooler that they were filmed here in Ontario!