Magic or myth? Canada is an exciting place with several destinations that have left us scratching our heads, but the World-famous Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick is truly something else!

Located approximately 15 minutes from Moncton’s city centre (or about an hour and a half from the capital, Fredericton), this particular spot is described as a “naturally provocative mystery” and has captivated many and for good reason.

Here, cars appear to roll uphill – but why?

According to the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario, the answer lies within sight!

Photo via Tourism New Brunswick

Created by rising and descending terrains, New Brunswick’s oldest tourist attraction is simply an illusion, but an incredible one at that!

“Drive to the bottom of this world-famous hill, shift into neutral, and be prepared to be amazed,” Tourism New Brunswick writes.

“Stories about Magnetic Hill have been around since the early 1800s, and this wondrous place has been puzzling visitors for decades.”

Interested in checking it out for yourself? You’ll want to plan ahead!

In addition to the hill itself, those headed east should also check out their zoo, the Magnetic Hill Winery and Magic Mountain – an amusement park with rides, a mini golf course and Atlantic Canada’s largest waterpark.

There’s just so much to see and do!

Enjoy and happy rolling.

Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick

Where: Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB