Ever feel like it’s your lucky day? Or maybe you can’t tell if you’re lucky or not at the end of the day. We imagine that’s a similar feeling a woman named Ruth Hamilton in Golden, BC is going through right now. Why? Well, because a meteorite fell from the sky and landed right next to her in bed.

Wild, right? Late at night on October 3, Hamilton was woken up by her dog barking and then a crash. After a panicked call to 911, she looked over at her bed and saw it: a meteorite. The rock has crashed through the roof of her house and landed right beside her in bed.

Fortunately, she’s okay. And probably feeling a bit lucky (or unlucky) to have been an intergalactic meteorite near-target.

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If you were skeptical, astronomers at Western University in London, ON have confirmed that it was in fact a meteor. And apparently, some folks saw a falling star in the neighbour and heard a ‘boom.’ If it looks like a meteor and talks like a meteor…

As for now, the RCMP in Golden is asking if anyone caught dashcam footage of a fireball in the area to send it their way. And, the scientists are trying to figure out where the meteor came from and what type it is.

While Ruth Hamilton did get a hole in her house, she does intend to keep the meteorite once it’s been studied. Heck, we’re just lucky a Blob-like alien didn’t pop out of it.