Whether we live in Toronto or around it, downtown is our go-to spot for shopping sprees, spa splurges, hangouts and other things fun. And as downtowners, it’s just hard to believe that there could be places just as happening as downtown. But since we are on a voyage to make as many Never Have I Ever, TO moments as we can (remember our mission), we decided to venture outside downtown. Lucky for us, we discovered some priceless treasures, actually 3 of them.

To brush up your memory, Never Have I Ever, TO is a citywide game initiated by Destination Toronto in collaboration with the City of Toronto. The two together are making backyard travel fun by urging Torontonians to safely explore new experiences within (and on the outskirts of) the city in order to support local tourism and small businesses, and then share their NHIETO moments on social media with #NeverHaveIEverTO.

In support of the campaign, we’ve been finding our own NHIETO moments and sharing with you in hopes that you’ll discover yours somewhere here too. And today we teamed up with StrollTO to curate these day trips you can make to 3 trendiest neighbourhoods outside downtown.

Scarborough Bluffs

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When it comes to hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, the Bluffs is top of our minds, with a wide array of things to do. This is your escape from the city without actually having to escape from the city. Frankly, there’s a lot that can be done here from BBQs and picnics to paddling and swimming but here are our top picks:

  • Swim/Sunbathe at Bluffer’s Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Toronto
  • Hike the Scarborough Bluffs trail, an easy trail with wildlife views
  • Paddleboat or learn to paddle boat, you can do both here (we did the latter)
  • Rent a floating house for fabulous views of the Bluffer’s marina and for a super chill day out


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In the shadows of downtown high-rises, sits Etobicoke, a suburban borough home to several lakefront parks, local eateries, and vibrant artistic scenes that make it a must-try weekend getaway. 

 A typical day trip here would involve:

  • Park-hopping, whether you’re feeling a picnic at Humber Bay Parks or adventurous with the kids at Centennial Park
  • Treating yourself to mouth-watering delicacies, from on-the-go bites to fine international cuisines, in this culinary paradise
  • Refining your art-taste: there is an impressive set of murals along Dundas St W in Islington Village, snap some for the ‘gram

Toronto Islands

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The Toronto Islands need no introduction and are often frequented by tourists. Yet some Torontonians have still yet to discover the wonderful things it offers! Of the many things you can do here, these are our recos for a relaxing-meets-fun day trip to the 3-Island cluster:

  • Swim, canoe, paddle and enjoy the beaches, they are after all the main event (Hanlan’s is a clothing-optional beach, so you might want to steer clear of it if that’s not your thing)
  • Find yourself a seat at the large patio of Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co. to take in the most beautiful views of the city you left behind
  • Lawn bowl at Ward’s Island because there’s no other sport as relaxed as this

Ready to gear up for a trip through the many flavours of Toronto as we go food touring? It’s time to eat up and find our Never Have I Ever moment, Toronto!  

Till then, Happy Exploring.