Whether we want to admit it or not, modern society practically runs on fast food. From morning coffee runs to lunchtime grab n’ go, quick and easy options are a saving grace for those hungry and in a rush – but what would you say is the most popular drive-thru spot in Canada?

We’d be willing to bet that the majority of you probably think that it’s Tim Hortons, but this list doesn’t think so.

While it’s natural to assume Canada’s blood runs caffeinated by Iced Capps and extra whipped cream, it’s actually an American company that fills our cup.

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According to research done by Confused.com, a deep dive into search volumes and trends showed that Canadians from coast to coast prefer Starbucks above all else.

With the exception of Montreal, the green label coffee chain was #1 in each province.

“The establishment is a firm favourite of Toronto, whose residents search for the term 6,600 times a month on average, and Calgary, where the term is searched for 2,400 times a month,” they wrote.

Image via confused.com

As for Canada’s second most beloved resto? Their research found that with 14,800 searches a month on average, McDonald’s was another tried and true, followed by KFC which only had about 1,600 searches a month.

For all of their findings, Confused.com’s methodology stated that “Keywordtool.io was used to calculate the average monthly search volume and 12 month trends for each of the drive-thru brands over the last 12 months. The ‘most popular’ drive-thrus were decided by those with the highest search volumes (those with more searches are more popular) if there were two brands with the same search volume, then the 12 month trend was used to rank them (those with a higher trend are more popular).”

So if you’re surprised Tim’s isn’t on the list, this clarifies it… For anyone who visits their local Timmy’s, it is rare to search the location of the closest one, since we are generally all too familiar with their establishments.

While Starbucks reigned this drive-thru test, we all know Tim Hortons probably outranks it… we just don’t search it much.