Toronto’s already booming film and television industry is about to get even bigger. We received massive news from one of the top streaming giants yesterday during Mayor John Tory’s press conference. Drumroll, please… It’s official, people. Toronto is about to be home to the new Netflix Canada head office.

Get ready for even more homegrown Netflix Originals! Because this insane development is a Big Deal. We’ve known Netflix was making the move to a Canadian city since February when they first announced the plans. But their choice of Toronto as that city wasn’t official until recently. What can we say, folks? Toronto does film and TV right.

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Of course, as we’ve mentioned, Toronto is already a major player when it comes to production. According to Mayor Tory, Netflix already spends over $200 million on shows in Toronto. Which, of course, means lots of jobs for Torontonians. Overall in Canada, Netflix has invested a whopping $2.5 billion in productions since 2017. Yes, billion with a “B”.

This new office means those numbers will only continue to grow and boy, are we pumped about.

To use Mayor Tory’s words, “in very difficult times, this is the kind of new that gives the people in the city, the city as a whole, hope.”

It sure does give us hope! We can’t wait to see all the amazing shows that our city is about to churn out.

Now, if you don’t mind us, we’ll be popping some popcorn and settling in for a good old-fashioned binge-session.