Want to see some of the most spectacular places BC has to offer? Read on, because we’re about to dive into some of the most renowned natural destinations in the world, and how you can see them for yourself. From scenic island hideaways and coves to unique caving experiences, here are 7 natural wonders that you won’t believe actually exist in BC.

Great Bear Rainforest

Whether you hike, sail, drive (up to a point), or fly, a visit to BC’s Great Bear Rainforest is definitely the stuff of bucket lists. The vast 64,000-square-km region is home to untouched forests and diverse ecosystems, including towering cedar trees, grizzly bears, rare Spirit Bears, and abundant marine life.

Although there’s mostly roadless wilderness to explore, the forest can be accessed via Port Hard to the south, Bella Bella and Prince Rupert to the north, and the main transportation hubs on and around the Central Coast.

Where: Northwestern BC

Horne Lake Caves 

These stunning underground lake caves will transport you to a completely different world, complete with unique cave formations, streams, and crawlways, so long as you’re good with tighter spaces. Located on Vancouver Island, Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park has plenty of exciting tours that range in difficulty, from the Achilles Challenge to the Multi-Cave experience.

Where: 3905 Horne Lake Caves Road

Haida Gwaii


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This group of islands is nestled off of the northern coast of BC, renowned for its rich Indigenous heritage and cultural experiences. The Haida people have called the region home for thousands of years, and visitors can experience their culture through towering totem poles, Haida artistry, and of course, the pristine natural beauty that awaits them.

A blend of dense rainforests, sandy beaches, and majestic mountains, the archipelago is a haven for unique wildlife. Visitors can spot bald eagles, whales, and a variety of seabirds – whether they want to kayak or surf, go on a boat tour or hike, or just explore at their leisure.

Where: Northwestern BC

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Spotted Lake (kłlilx’w) 

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In addition to being home to Canada’s only desert, Osoyoos is also in close proximity to Spotted Lake (kłlilx’w), a unique natural phenomenon and sacred site containing multiple mineral-rich spotted lakes, which shift in colour and size during the summer months.

Visitors can view the lake via a scenic viewpoint accessible from Highway 3 (about 10 km outside of Osoyoos in the eastern Similkameen Valley). As a sacred site, Spotted Lake holds great significance for the First Nations of the area, as each of the circles holds its own unique medicinal and healing properties.

Nisg̱a’a Memorial Lava Bed Park

Anhluut’ukwsim Lax̱mihl Angwinga’asanskwhl Nisg̱a’a (Nisg̱a’a Memorial Lava Bed Park) is the first park in BC to combine the interpretation of natural features and Indigenous culture. Formed by volcanic activity, the lava tube caves offer an otherworldly experience for visitors, who can book a tour through Nass Valley Tours.

Where: Nass Valley

Helmcken Falls

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This is the fourth tallest waterfall in Canada and is truly awe-inspiring to see near Kamloops. The falls are a 141-metre drop and are worth checking out any time of year. In the spring, the falls jut out of the lush green forest. In the winter, see everything shining with ice and snow, including a 50-metre ice cone!

Where: Wells-Gray Provincial Park, Thompson-Nicola District

Cathedral Grove

Situated inside MacMillan Provincial Park, Cathedral Grove is a majestic old-growth forest featuring ancient Douglas fir and cedar trees – some of which are over 800 years old! Walking through this enchanting forest, you’ll feel like you’re travelling back in time.

Note that the park is currently closed to visitors.

Where: MacMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

So there you have it – these are some spectacular natural wonders in BC to add to your bucket list.