With cruises back in action in Vancouver, we thought we’d take a look at one of the most interesting ones! Turns out, National Geographic runs an ‘expedition cruise’ between Vancouver and Alaska every summer, and you can be a part of it. If you’ve got the cash, of course. Here’s what it entails.

Spread over two weeks, the cruise will take passengers to some of the most iconic areas of BC’s West Coast and into Alaskan waters. From the moment you climb aboard the ship, the National Geographic Orion, you’ll be treated to incredible vistas, unparalleled wildlife viewing, and some seriously amazing activities.

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And since this is an ‘expedition cruise’ from Vancouver to Alaska, you can bet that there are some more unique opportunities to take part in. During the trip, you’ll hop in a zodiac to check out glaciers, fjords and icebergs, kayak and paddleboard (hopefully) among some whales, and set off on walks to uncover pristine natural areas alongside cultural landmarks.

Naturally, this National Geographic cruise is not exactly the ‘kick back and relax’ option. Instead, the company asks that all guests are in ‘good health’ and capable of light to moderate activities on a daily basis. Of course, your reward for exploring, beyond the memories, is a litany of amazing dinners and meals, alongside alcoholic beverages whenever your heart desires.

It’s like the perfect mix of outdoorsy and bougie, and the price certainly reflects it. For this incredible cruise opportunity, expect to be set back at least $16,900 USD, and that’s without the return airfare from Anchorage to Vancouver. We think it’s worth it, but geeze, we’re going to have to start saving!