Calgary and Edmonton are both great cities, but sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy the quiet of a small Alberta town.

Whether it’s an hour, a day, a night or a weekend, Wild Rose Country has a ton of pleasant spots where you can wind down – but not all can say they’ve been featured on screens big and small.

Located south of High River, Alberta, Nanton is a peaceful retreat with beautiful historic buildings and some major Hollywood credits.

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Featured in Christopher Nolan’s Acadamy Award-winning film ‘Interstellar’ and HBO’s ‘The Last of Us,’ Nanton is no stranger to camera crews or movie magic and it’s clear why it’s become a favourite.

Here, not only are there open Prairie views, but there is a ton to do.

From their famous candy store to the golf course, quirky attractions like the Museum of Miniatures, and the informative Bomber Command Museum visitors are in for a serious treat, but one attraction really stands out!

Known for its unique drive-in movie nights, the Grain Elevator Discovery Centre is truly unlike anything in the province and is a must-visit for visitors and locals alike.

After all, there aren’t many of these buildings left and there are even fewer that project movies onto the exterior, so check it out!

Pop some corn, enjoy a film, hit a mom-and-pop shop, visit an antique store and take in the sights. Nanton It’s truly one of a kind.

Heck, you may even run into a celebrity. You really never know! 

Nanton, Alberta

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