Talk about our kind of scavenger hunt! If you haven’t been keeping tabs, Edmonton breweries just continue to get better and better, and summer is the perfect time to enjoy them. And rather than keeping our favourite spots to ourselves, we thought it might be a good idea to share them with you! New places, old places, big places, small places… the city is filled to the brim with variety.

In fact, so much so that we had to split our picks up! For the first instalment of Edmonton breweries you need to visit this summer, we’re sticking south and east of the River Valley.


Why not kick things off with some of the newest names in the city? Only opening last year, Longroof is focusing on a taproom experience, and has even salvaged the old bar from the Empress Ale House for good measure. They’ve got a wide variety of beer to try as well, from IPAs to wheat ales to stouts.

Where: 9916 72 Avenue


While the name has been around for a few years, Bent Stick has seen a serious revitalization recently. Beer lover (and industry heavyweight) Lisa Davis only took over operations back in 2021. And to add even more fun, the company moved into a new space this year! Go check it out, order some food in, and have a laugh or two.

Where: 9926 78 Avenue


Much like Bent Stick, Blind Enthusiasm just continues to grow with the scene! Their original location has become a staple spot (thanks in large part to Biera being so dang delicious). But, just last year they opened up The Monolith, a specialized taproom focusing on their barrel-fermented options.

Where: 9570 76 Avenue NW and 9919 78 Avenue

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Named after an old zoo just outside the city, Polar Park immediately became a hit when it opened it 2019. The brewpub is the perfect neighbourhood hangout spot, with food that’s (almost) as delicious as the beer itself! Plus, the central location (just off Whyte Ave) is perfect for your next walking beer tour.

Where: 10416 80 Avenue


It’s billed as Edmonton’s ‘nerdiest’ brewery, and we’re not about to challenge that claim. Featuring an retro video game aesthetic for the brand, plus some old-school arcade games in the taproom itself, we’re suggesting this place for anyone who needs a cold one (or three) before game night with their pals. Maybe even after, to diffuse the tension from a crushing game of Smash Bros.

Where: 8620 53 Avenue


Speaking of specialty options, Omen Brewing is dedicated to an already niche category- dark beers. However, one trip here and you’ll have your eyes opened to what that actually entails, with a wide range of flavour profiles, weights, and even colour to choose from. The Guinness Factory, this is not, which is what makes it so enticing!

Where: 9942 67 Avenue


We gotta give kudos to Town Square for the most ambitious location on this list. Located in Ellerslie, the spot has immediately become a must-visit not just for the community, but all of Edmonton. You’ve heard of destination dining… this is destination drinking. Just make sure you have a ride home figured out!

Where: 2919 Ellwood Drive SW


As far as branding goes for Edmonton breweries, our heart belongs to Sea Change. Luckily, the beer tastes just as good as the can looks, and their focus on Banh Mi sandwiches for food is a welcome switch up to classic pub fare. Also, we’ll just say it- the Death Wave lager is the best light beer we’ve ever drank.

Where: 9850 62 Ave


It’s wild to us that the second-oldest spot on this list comes from… 2016. Lucky for us, Situation has never slowed down since opening, and is now easily among the OG names in the city. An afternoon spent here, with beers, food and laughs on the patio, is always one well spent.

Where: 10308 81 Avenue


And so, we arrive at one of the true icons of Edmonton’s craft beer scene. The company changed hands in 2020, but the new owners are doing a tremendous job of keeping the same spirit that Alley Kat started with back in 1995. From labels we know and love to rotating options, Alley Kat is never not going to be worthy of a mention.

Where: 9929 60 Avenue

Ok beer lovers, that’s our first instalment of the best Edmonton breweries you need to check out this summer. Grab a few pals, and get ready for a few hours well spent, no matter which one you pick!