Just ICYMI, the popular Canadian restaurant chain, Moxies (yes, without the apostrophe) has a new and improved identity. New branding, new website, new approach and new menu items for the winter.

That’s right pals! The restaurant just dropped its winter specials and we are happy to inform you these include both, new features and returning favourites. And based solely on appearance, they seem to be 50 shades of delicious.

Moxies Winter Menu

First up is the Woo Woo Tini. Yes, you guessed it right, it is a fun seasonal twist on the classic cosmo and is crafted with fresh pomegranate & Absolut Lime Vodka (Uh, YUM!). And to spruce up our night out even further, there is also the Hidden Gem and It’s Complicated.

Woo Woo Tini

As for the returning favourites, back by popular demand are the fresh-made & flavour-loaded Blackened Mahi Mahi and the Linguine Arrabbiata. Oh joy!

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Following its ‘all fresh everything’ mantra, these new winter cocktails and dishes are all handcrafted in-house with fresh, delicious ingredients. And foodie or not, these ought to be on your holiday must-haves list.

The only drawback is that these seasonal specials are only available for a limited time. Our suggestion: devour them before they are gone!