No one can get a crowd going like a faceless entertainer in a furry costume. From dogs and aquatic legends to fictitious creatures with a big personality, the NHL has some of the best, worst and most absurd mascots in sports history – but where does your team’s fun-loving, drum-tappin’ honourary player rank?

NY Bet, a popular sports betting site, recently surveyed over 900 NHL fans between the ages of 18 and 76 from Canada and the US and their 2022 favourites have been revealed!

Not only did they publish a catch-all list of best and worst, but they also shared who fans believed was the most annoying, spookiest and most adorable of the bunch.

In the number one spot, fans placed Al the Octopus of the Detroit Red Wings – who to our surprise, isn’t a traditional mascot.

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Photo via NY Bet

While most teams have hired someone to bring a costume to life, Al is more of a symbol – appearing on merch, memes and more.

In second place? According to the report, fans ranked Mick E. Moose of the Winnipeg Jets, followed by Wild Wing (Anaheim Ducks), Carleton Bear (Toronto Maple Leafs) and Slapshot of the Washington Capitals in 5th place.

Sadly, for Stans of the Calgary Flames, Harvey The Hound was not only their least favourite but also rated amongst the scariest and most ‘obnoxious’ in the league.

Photo via NY Bet

Spartcat of the Ottawa Senators, Stinger of the Blue Jackets and Buoy, figurehead of the Kraken, also made the bottom – but we want to know what you think.

Do you agree with this list? Who is your favourite? Let us know!

In the process, maybe show Harvey a little love because fans have done him pretty dirty. He’s certainly not as bad as they say… especially in a world where Gritty exists.