Our country as a whole is pretty darn great, but it’s always nice to see reminder of it. Today, a new ranking came out of the most livable cities in the world, and 3 Canadian names made it on there! Here’s which names made it on, and how they got there!

Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Global Liveability Index ranked 173 different cities around the world for just how livable they are. In order to do this, the ranking looked at 5 different categories for living quality, each with their own subcategories. These are:

  1. Stability (Prevalence of crime, threat of terror/conflict, etc…)
  2. Healthcare (Availability of public/private healthcare, healthcare indicators, etc…)
  3. Culture & Environment (Average weather, sports, food & drink, etc…)
  4. Education (Availability of private education, quality of private education, public education indicators)
  5. Infrastructure (Public transport, quality of housing, energy/water, etc…)

The scores in these categories are weighted (Education at 10% while Stability at 25%, for example) and then a total score out of 100 is determined. According to the report, a score over 80 means “there are few, if any, challenges to living standards.”

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But we’re talking about the best of the best, here! So, here are Canadian cities that made it into the top 10 for the most livable in the world:

  1. Vienna, Austria (Score: 99.1)
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark (Score: 98.0)
  3. Zurich, Switzerland (Score: 96.3)
  4. Calgary, Canada (Score: 96.3) (tied with Zurich)
  5. Vancouver, Canada (Score: 96.1)
  6. Geneva, Switzerland (Score: 95.9)
  7. Frankfurt, Germany (Score: 95.7)
  8. Toronto, Canada (Score: 95.4)
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands (95.3)
  10. Osaka, Japan (Score: 95.1)

To explain the jump, the EIU pointed towards Canadian cities’ relatively high vaccination rates allowing the easing of restrictions. Calgary, for example, jumped a whopping 15 places in a year, from 18th in 2021 to 3rd this year.

Pretty reassuring stuff about life in Canada, at least from a global perspective.