It’s official! Thanks to our tireless efforts of sharing everything we do on Instagram, there’s a new list ranking the most Instagrammable cities in Canada. From east to west, here’s what city made the top 10 list.

The study by Greater Toronto Home Pros analyzed hashtags on Instagram in order to establish the most popular cities in Canada via Instagram. They used each of the major city hashtags to rank them based on how many posts are under each hashtag.

“Knowing which great city would be perfect for a relocation can be tricky, which is why these findings are a great way to visually indicate how each city looks and feels for those who live and visit there,” said a spokesperosn for GTHP.

“However, now more than ever, social media plays a pivotal role in people deciding where they want to live, and using platforms like Instagram can certainly help when it comes to deciding where to visit or live.”

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According to their findings, as you could probably already guess, Toronto has been revealed as Canada’s most Instagrammable city. Under #toronto, there are about 55.6 million posts. That’s a lot of CN Tower pics.

Other most used hashtags like #torontocity, has over 113,000 posts, and #torontocityvibes has over 19,000 posts.

Next up is Vancouver! In second place, this beloved west coast city has over 26 million posts using #vancouver and 45,000 using #vancouvercity.

In third falls Montreal with over 20 million hashtags under #montreal. Calgary and Ottawa come in fourth and fifth, respectively. The hashtag #calgary surpassed over 8.7 million posts and #ottawa over 7.7 million posts.

As for Edmonton, it falls in sixth with over 5.7 million posts under the hashtag #edmonton.

The last few cities include Winnipeg, Mississauga, Brampton, and Quebec City.

Let’s be real, are you surprised by these results?