From national parks to historical buildings, the Great North is home to some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, but now we can add another notch to our belt!

According to a new study done by UK lingerie company, Pour Moi, Canada is also among the countries with the most attractive people in the world and honestly? We’re hardly surprised and doubt that anyone who has ever seen a Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds movie would disagree.

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Photo via Pour Moi

“It could be Canadians’ outdoorsy nature that means they are the fifth most attractive nation, according to our research,” they explained in a recent post.

“With incredible mountain ranges, lakes and open spaces on their doorstep, they are known for loving the great outdoors which can be a ‘green flag’ for a lot of people.”

Now, it’s important to note that this particular study is not rooted in science, but we’re taking the W!

In order to compile this list, Pour Moi looked to Redditors and analyzed several posts that mentioned different countries and words like ‘attractive’, ‘sexy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘handsome’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘good looking’, ‘pretty’ and ‘hot.’

Scores were given based on the number of posts made, how many comments there were and how many upvotes each got.

Using available information, they determined that the following 50 countries had the most attractive people in the world:

Photo via Pour Moi

As you can see, India ranked first, followed by the USA, Sweden, Japan and then Canada, which was mentioned in an impressive 1,312 posts and upvotes.

In the remaining spots? Brazil, France, Italy, Ukraine and Denmark – rounding out the top 10.

Are you shocked or in awe? Let us know why or why not otherwise, sleep soundly knowing that you’re a catch!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Canadians have got it going on… and no matter what ‘it” is, we own that.