What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you picture stylish food? Probably not a burger, BUT that’s all about to change. 

MONZO is the new kid on the block, and this trendy burger joint is about to blow your mind. The brand new restaurant is opening on Saturday, September 9th at 11 AM  in Vancouver to offer a new take on fast food. It’s vibrant. It’s colourful. It’s made from quality ingredients with zero compromises on flavour or comfort. Sounds delicious, right? But wait, we know what you’re thinking…

monzo burger
Photo via MONZO Burger

A Stylish Burger?

First off, the name MONZO is a spin on the word “manzo,” which is Italian for beef. The creative concept behind this restaurant is actually taken from the Italian Paninaro, a niche subculture that boomed in the early 80s in Milan. If it’s from Milan, it’s got to be cool, right?

Milan’s Paninari youth movement was all about rebelling against tradition and expectations. They combined luxe fashion with sportswear and spent their days socializing at panino bars and what were, at the time, new and shiny American-style fast food joints. They were affluent, they were cool, and they were care free. Ah, kids those days. 

Much like the too-cool-for-school inspiration, MONZO is all about being a disruptor on the scene. It’s a burger place where food, fashion, and culture meet. Kind of makes you want to be part of the club, doesn’t it? 

The Grand Opening

So what can you expect at MONZO’s grand opening? Well, let’s start off with some of the best burgers in town made from Canadian beef and using only the finest ingredients. The ambiance is fun and energized. The smell will make you salivate as soon as you open the door on September 9th at 11 AM.. The first 100 customers will also get a free burger. Yeah, you read that right.  

Experience your very first stylish burger for free! 

monzo burger
Photo via MONZO Burger

A Classic Menu

MONZO’s menu centres around its flagship Canadian beef burger, the KING MONZO. It’s a secret blend of custom cuts that are ground, seasoned to perfection, and cooked fresh on a high-temperature griddle. Can we get a #yum #bestinbeef. 

If you want to explore some more options, the restaurant offers a Milanese-style chicken sandwich made with hand-breaded cutlets, beef-fat fries, onion rings, and soft-serve gelato to finish things off. If you have specific dietary needs, there are also gluten-free and vegetarian burger options available.

It’s everything you love about fast food, with a vibrant new spin and subtle nod to Italian counter-culture. 

The restaurant seats 88 guests, along with a bar ready to serve up the perfect burger and bevvy pairings. Stop by for the grand opening, or if you prefer to get your hands on one sooner, MONZO will be giving away 1000 cheeseburgers on a first come first serve basis on September 1st at 11:30 AM.


When: Grand Opening: Saturday, September 9th 
Where: 1401 Granville Street, Vancouver