Almost everyone’s thought about what it might be like to buy a one-way ticket, pack a bag and get the heck out of dodge. Sadly, most of us were under the impression that this idea of running off and starting a new would be risky and expensive, but, what if we told you that it didn’t have to be? What if we told you that some of Italy’s smallest and most beautiful villages in the region of Calabria are actually paying people to move, live and thrive there – people like you?

Whether your dream is to own a cafe in a secluded little village, or a cute little shop or a restaurant near the beach, some of the country’s most underrated spots are willing to shell out a pretty penny so you can live out your wildest dreams, as long as you have one; because you see, there is a catch!

In order to get yourself settled in a town of less than 2,000, comfortable and earn their cash incentive of 41,384.96 CAD (not bad, hey?), visitors will actually have to start their own business.

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The whole goal of their relocation program is to reverse years of population decline and bring more people in and around the smaller areas – so whatever you decide to open, it’s gotta be good, folks!

If you’re successful the full amount will be given to you in full over a span of three years (maximum) – meaning that you’ll have made money from your small operation in addition to the government’s payout.

Of course, opening a business is not the ONLY requirement that they ask you to meet, though.

All in all, this certainly isn’t a tall order considering what you’ll get in return – it is Italy after all!

For more information, to submit an application or to see a complete list of the 10 villages that are participating in the program, you can visit the region’s website here! 

Who knows, months from now you could be starting your brand new life as an Italy resident!