Have you ever dreamed of working for a candy factory? You can finally bring your childhood dreams to life because this Canadian company known for its chocolate, cookies, and candy is hiring in Toronto. Mondelez International, known for confectionary goods like Cadbury mini eggs, Oreos, and even Ritz crackers, is seeking future employees to fill over 30 jobs from customer service to factory work in Toronto.

One of the largest snack companies in the world, Mondelez International operates right in Toronto. They’re looking to hire a number of people to help continue their success through their factories, offices, research and development facilities, and distribution.

In Ontario, they have five locations, four of which are in the Toronto area.

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And as for jobs, lucky for you, a lot of them are scattered across the city. Some of those available jobs include:

And more.

Depending on the role, some may require higher education such as a PhD or several years of relevant experience. Make sure you cover all your bases before you apply.

There are also remote work opportunities if that is something of interest to you.

And while you’re on the job hunt, don’t end your searches here. There are a number of job fairs happening in the city this month so you can also test your luck out there and apply in person to a number of big-name companies.

The Hospitality Workers Training Center will gather some of Toronto’s best hotels, tourism, and food and beverage employers for a one-day job fair on February 29th. Job seekers of all levels are welcome to explore a wide range of employment opportunities.

Sometimes booking a flight and hitting the skies isn’t enough for a seasoned traveller. If you enjoy spending time in airports and would love to be part of its daily operations, mark your calendars for February 22nd, 2024.

Toronto Pearson Airport is hosting a job fair that will offer employment opportunities such as baggage handlers, security, customer services, and food prep and beverage.

We don’t know about you but it looks like your job hunt is off to a great start.