Michelle Yeoh was in Toronto and made sure to make some stops at a couple of restaurants in the city.

The actress, who won Best Actress at last year’s Academy Awards for her role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, popped into local spots Roselle’s Desserts and Kiss My Pans.

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Roselle Desserts, an east-end dessert shop, shared their experience of Yeoh’s visit in a post on Instagram writing, “Five years ago when we heard that Michelle Yeoh was coming to Roselle (east), we were working at our west-end shop.”

“We drove like maniacs across the city, hoping that by some miracle, all of our 4 tables weren’t occupied so she would have a place to sit. ”

The post continued, “Luckily enough, her timing was impeccable and there was a free table. We figured we’d just say hi and gush, but she actually invited us to sit with her!”

It concluded, “She came by this morning to pick up some treats for her hardworking crew and was thrilled to see that we’re doing well. A lot has changed since then but she is still that same incredibly kind and down-to-earth person we met back then.”

Roselle Desserts wasn’t her only stop.  Kiss My Pans, a Singaporean cafe in a cheese shop on College St also posted about their positive interaction with Yeoh.

“The Queen herself popped in today! It was such an honour and pleasure to cook for and host @michelleyeoh_official in our humble little shop,” they wrote.

“We’ve never been the type to be star-struck but star-struck we were! She was really open and friendly and we shared some Singlish/ Malaysian inside jokes.”

It sounds like Michelle Yeoh is making her rounds in the city, and we love it!