Are you looking for a unique activity to try out this summer? Well, come July, you’ll be able to check out the first ‘Ninja Tag’ experience in Canada, right in Coquitlam! Here’s the scoop on this crazy new concept coming to Metro Vancouver.

While it’s the first location in Canada, Ninja Tag is actually already in over 36 locations all over the world. We looked around to check it out, and others, like one in the UK, seem to be doing quite well, with generally positive reviews.

Basically, Ninja Tag is like a giant playground for older kids and adults. Billed as a cross between Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout, the 5,500 square foot space is filled with obstacles and challenges to overcome. These range from something as easy as a ball pit to a full-on quarter pipe to try and scale. All in, guests will have 13 different challenges to explore.

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The goal? Try and hit as many targets around the space as you can in 15 minutes. This is accomplished using an RFID bracelet, and there are different points awarded based on the difficulty of the target you go after. We have to admit, it’s a lot safer than chasing your buddies around the local playground.

As a final bonus, Ninja Tag wants to host a ‘dark’ experience nightly as well. Starting at 7 PM, the space will be filled with music and flashing lights for a little extra fun. Think of it as a good alternative to blacklight bowling.

That’s how we see it, at least!

Ninja Tag

When: Slated to open this July
Where: #1-1300 Woolridge Street, Coquitlam