The restaurant industry has had a wild ride over the past three years. There’s been plenty of closures, but also new openings, total upheavals in systems, and plenty of new star chefs. Despite all of the change, chefs have risen to the occasion and now Seattle’s very own Melissa Miranda is being recognized by Food & Wine.

Food & Wine just released its Best New Chefs of 2022 list which celebrates “the most exciting emerging culinary talent in the U.S. today.” What’s more, this list isn’t long, in fact, only 11 chefs made the cut making Miranda’s inclusion even more exciting. Psst, there was only one other west coast chef mentioned and that’s Justin Pichetrungsi of Anajak Thai in Los Angeles.

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If you consider yourself a local foodie then you’re probably well aware of Beacon Hill’s Musang. It’s Melissa Miranda’s work at Musang that caught the eye of Food & Wine. They mention her focus on “deeply seasonal and local Filipino cooking” which pushes the boundary of what is considered traditional. That being said, her dishes are still rooted in traditional Filipino cooking.

If you’ve yet to experience Musang, Food & Wine recommends the crispy fried chicken. Why not get out there and try something new this week? You can learn more about Melissa Miranda and Musang by visiting her Instagram.