Ontario never lacks when it comes to beautiful landscapes, thrilling trails, and rolling hills – it’s a natural wonderland. If you would love to explore more of our stunning province, embark on this lookout trail that leads to picturesque views of Lake Huron and mountains on the horizon. Here’s what to know about McLean’s Mountain lookout trail.

Located on Manitoulin Island, just south of Little Current is McLean’s Mountain lookout trail. Though it’s definitely not day trip material, it’s worth the adventure!

According to Explore Manitoulin, the lookout on McLean’s Mountain “provides one of the most spectacular views of the North and Wabuno Channels with the LaCloche Mountains on the horizon.”

To get to the lookout, you’ll have to venture on a short, 2.5 km trail. The entrance to the trail is off of McLean’s Mountain Rd but if you want to avoid the walk, you can drive to the lookout spot directly. But what fun is that?

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Either way, once you reach the lookout platform, you will be left with a breathtaking view of the Niagara Escarpment.

Per Explore Manitoulin, the lookout includes picnic tables, barbecues, and washrooms.

After you’ve finished your panoramic experience at McLean’s Mountain Lookout, head to Little Current, just five minutes away from the spot, according to the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin And The Islands,

The town is home to some exquisite dining destinations, including a beloved Indigenous restaurant.

And while you’re on the island, on a hiking adventure, add the Cup and Saucer Nature Reserve to your bucket list. The reserve spans across 345-acres and features an exciting hiking trail and adventure loop, according to the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy. Of course, the bluffs too!

To experience the bluffs in all their glory, you must embark on an 8 km-long trail.

According to Explore Manitoulin, the well-known Cup and Saucer trail leads to “dramatic 70 metre cliffs and breathtaking views”, it is one of the most popular trails in Ontario.

Make your trip worthwhile and explore Manitoulin Island to its fullest.