Finally, a way to release our inner frustrations and pent-up energy. McDonald’s Canada will be opening 20 new adult playgrounds across the country within the next four years.

Now that’s something we didn’t see coming.

In an unexpected announcement, McDonald’s Canada said it plans to open a select number of adult playgrounds within its already established restaurants across Canada starting later this year. Cities include Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Not to be confused with the kids-only ‘PlayPlace’ facilities, this new upgrade will solely be for adults who are kids at heart.

In an effort to promote its continuous push for healthy, active lifestyles, the chain hopes to bring a new and exciting way for adults to let loose and heal their inner child.

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“We at McDonald’s Canada understand how much Canadians value having an active and healthy lifestyle. Not only have we updated our already delicious menu to include more health-forward choices, but we are now taking that mindset one step further with our new adult playgrounds,” said Birdie Ham, Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Canada Adult Playgrounds.

“Why do children get to have all the fun? We pay the bills, we’re the ones stuck in traffic – adults deserve some nice, unproblematic fun.”

Here’s a breakdown of how it’ll work.


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Customers aged 18 and older are required to make a purchase of a combo meal before entering the adult playground. They must finish their meal before entry and save the receipt to show the attendant at the door.

To ensure everyone’s safety, customers must present their ID before entering. Once they’re inside, they have the opportunity to enjoy the entire playground facility for up to two hours, including an arcade space featuring Nintendo and Playstation game stands – just like when we were kids.

Photo via McDonald’s Adult Playgrounds

The playground setup will differ depending on the location – some may include trampolines, a ball pit, and a soft serve station monitored by one of the McDonald’s staff. Depending on success, a select few playgrounds may be equipped with a minibar.

Photo via McDonald’s Adult Playgrounds

Though we have yet to know all the locations that will experience the new upgrade, we do know of one infamous spot. Toronto’s Queen and Spadina McDonald’s location will undergo a complete transformation later this year.

It will see the removal of its second-floor dining space to make room for the new playground, fully equipped with slides and monkey bars, with an additional third floor to be built on top in 2025. Two-floors of endless fun!

McDonald’s Canada plans to reveal further details in the coming months. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait with excitement to see how all this comes to flourish.


And on that note, Happy April Fools’ day!