This year on Valentine’s Day, there will be more than love in the air. McDonald’s is officially expanding the test of its ‘McPlant’ burger created with Beyond Meat next month. The test began in November 2021 and February’s rollout will help the chain get a sense of how the new burger would impact its operations.

On February 14th, McDonald’s will add the McPlant to 600 locations in the San Francisco Bay and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. The patty is from Beyond Meat and is made from peas, rice and potatoes while mimicking the taste and texture of beef. Toppings for the burger include mayonnaise and American cheese, will more additions likely available.

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Customers in the both areas will be able to enjoy the burger for a limited time only, while supplies last. It’s one way in which the burger chain is slowly and cautiously stepping into the plant based meat market. And if this test goes well, hopefully the burger will be available in more markets, Including Washington.

Considering that the McPlant burgers have also been available in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom it feels safe to say that the burger is on its way to becoming a standard menu item in the US. Also, because McDonald’s and Beyond Meat entered a three-year partnership in February. So keep your eyes peeled because the McPlant could be coming to a McDonald’s near you.