If you drive in Washington then this study will probably come as no surprise. WalletHub just released 2022’s best and worst states to drive in and let’s just say Washington is up there. Ready to get into some details?

WalletHub determined its rankings by looking at 31 key indicators of a positive commute. Some of those indicators include safety, access to vehicles & maintenance, driving laws, and more. Who scored high and low on this ranking might surprise you.

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washington drivers
Photo via WalletHub

So is Washington up there in a good or bad way?

As we mentioned above if you drive in Washington you know the answer to that. Washington is ranked as one of the worst states to drive in at #45 out of 50. Why is our evergreen state so bad?

Well, we have a high cost of vehicle ownership & maintenance (#48) and bad traffic (#37) among other issues.

washington drivers
Photo via WalletHub

Even though our state is a picturesque backdrop for a road trip, we clearly have some work to do. That being said if you’re looking to take a great American road trip this year, it might just be worth your time to head over to the top 3 states Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Why not?

Have a great week Seattle and safe driving out there!