Whether it’s a lunchtime craving or a late-night snack, nothing beats A&W fries with their perfectly crunchy exterior and special seasoning salt – until now!

That’s because A&W has raised the bar by partnering with another heavyweight champion in the fight for sustainably sourced food: McCain!

That’s right, for a limited time, you can enjoy your favourite grass-fed A&W burger with crispy McCain Regen Fries. 

How are these new A&W fries more sustainable? It’s all about the way they’re farmed!

Here’s everything you need to know about their latest initiative for responsibly sourced food and a healthier planet. 

McCain Regen Fries at A&W
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How can fries be sustainable?

McCain Foods and A&W are teaming up to serve sustainably grown fries to all of Ontario while supplies last through December. What’s so special about McCain Regen fries, you ask? It’s all in the soil!!

These potatoes are grown using regenerative farming methods that help build soil health, increase biodiversity, and boost ecosystems. That’s a pretty neat trick for your favourite side dish.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture encourages sustainable farming practices that restore soil health, enhance biodiversity, improve the water cycle, and capture carbon into the soil.  

These practices help to protect our environment, maintain soil nutrients, and ensure long-term food security.

McCain Regen Fries at A&W
Photo via Shutterstock

A larger commitment 

McCain and A&W are no strangers when it comes to tasty, planet-friendly food. A&W has been serving grass-fed beef since 2019 that’s raised using regenerative agricultural practices to protect Canada’s prairie grasslands.

McCain made a pledge to implement Regenerative Agriculture practices across 100% of their potato acreage by 2030. Sounds like a match made in heaven if you ask us!

Not only does choosing sustainably grown food help the environment, but it also supports the farmers who are preserving our soil and ensuring delicious, home-grown food for years to come.

Check out McCain Regen fries at A&W next time you’re craving a treat.


When: Starting Tuesday, December 5
When: A&W locations across Ontario