It’s on your clothes, it’s on your sheets and carpet, it’s in your food. And it’s in your cities! Pet hair is an inseparable part of being a pet parent. The struggle is legit. As was confirmed in a recent survey* revealing Canada’s hairiest cities commissioned by the folks at Maytag.

The survey revealed some interesting facts about Canada and Canadian pet owners. The most intriguing being the hairiest cities in Canada, courtesy of all the hair our furry babies are shedding.

canada's hairiest cities maytag dogs

According to the survey, Winnipeg, Calgary and Quebec City are the hairiest Canadian cities. This ranking is based on the percentage of the population who are pet owners. Winnipeg has a swooping 70%, Calgary stands at 55% and Quebec City at 54%.

The survey also went on to confirm what we’ve known all along… pet parents struggle to keep their homes clean. Nearly half (49% to be precise) of Canadian pet owners say their pets contribute to a significant mess in their homes (tell us about it). And pet hair happens to be a major chunk of that mess.

In the survey, dog and cat parents across Canada also reported finding pet hair on their clothing (79%), on their couch (79%), in their washer/dryer (50%) and in their food (31%). And these stats are despite the many pet hair remover tools on the market they have tried.

canada's hairiest cities maytag cat

As pet parents who have tried a bunch of them ourselves, we can confirm pet hair removal tools don’t always work. And the ones that do work to some extent require a decent amount of effort and time commitment.

But this is where Maytag Pet Pro System differs. Not only does the washer/dryer combo actually work, it does so without much effort on your part.

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So, Maytag® Pet Pro System is a complete laundry system engineered specifically for homes with pets. The washer comes with a Pet Pro filter. This filter is what helps the washer remove 5x** more pet hair. And no, you don’t need any prework before dumping the load in the washer.

The dryer too features an XL lint trap. This can trap and remove loads of pet hair.

Now, here’s the part that pet lovers will rejoice most— you can own this brilliant pet hair remover laundry solution for free!

In celebration of National Pet Day, Maytag is running an IG contest and giving Canadian pet owners a chance to win the full Maytag® Pet Pro System. Just head over to Maytag’s Instagram on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, to learn more about and enter the contest.


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Also, check out the Maytag website below for more info on their pet hair remover laundry set.

Here’s to hair-free wardrobes and homes!


**Online panel survey of 2,000 Canadians from Feb 3-8, 2023. Margin of error  ±2.1%, 19 times out of 20.
** Comparing Normal cycle with Pet Pro Filter and option to cycle using traditional agitator without Pet Pro Filter and option. Results will vary based on fabric and type of pet hair.