Want to mix up your menu next time you’re grabbing some grub? We don’t blame you! These days we’re looking for entertainment in any form. So why not take a gander at one (or a few) of these awesome “secret menu” hacks at your favourite fast-food joints in Canada? These delicious creations take the game to the next level, so order ’em up next time you’re looking for a little fun.

Disclaimer: Because these “secret menu” creations are not official restaurant offerings, some locations may not comply. For the best chance of enjoying these eats, be sure to ask for recipe ingredients (not just recipe names) and give full details when ordering. 

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Here are 10 delicious “secret menu” items to try at fast-food joints across Canada.


Two of the most delicious ice cream creations are the banana split and the Dairy Queen Blizzard. You can experience both with this amazing secret menu item! Just ask your local DQ to blend their banana split ingredients into a Blizzard. It’s that simple!

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Another great Blizzard option is one for the caffeine fanatic. This simple mix can be created by ordering a classic Choco-Brownie Blizzard but asking for a dash of coffee mixed in. The mocha flavour is so good you’ll be coming back for seconds and thirds!

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"secret menu"
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Who doesn’t love nachos when a snack attack hits? To be honest, it’s surprising this delicious snack isn’t already on the Chipotle menu. But fear not! All you’ve got to do to order it is get a burrito bowl but sub the rice for chips. Then load up on all the toppings you can dream of and you’re good to go!

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secret menu
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Okay, so this secret menu item might just be the worst kept secret of all. The famous off-the-menu treat is made by combining a McDouble with a McChicken. You can probably order this one at the cashier, but to avoid the embarrassing name we suggest ordering the items separately and combining them yourself!

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Okay, this one is for those of you with a sweet tooth. The ultimate dessert can be ordered from this fast food joint in the form of a fully-loaded McFlurry. Here’s what to do: swing by the drive-thru and ask for an Oreo McFlurry. Then ask for added caramel, added chocolate sauce, an apple pie on the side, and added M&Ms. Crumble up your pie and toss it in and you’re good to go! Fair warning – you may feel ill from all the sugar after this one.

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There’s no double McChicken on the menu and we think that’s a darn shame. So create your own with this DIY recipe. All you’ve got to do is order two Junior Chickens, combine them, and you’re good to go! It’s that easy!

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Okay, this may not be the most popular combination but it’s oh-so-tasty. Order a Junior Chicken meal and sweet and sour packets on the side. Pop off the top, layer some fries on top of your chicken patty, slather some sweet and sour sauce, and put that bun back on. That’s all it takes and we can promise you it’s reaaaaaaal good.

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It’s time to get creative and treat your sweet tooth. Just last year, McDonald’s Canada welcomed all to try their own “Dessert Hack” by ordering some of their sweet treats and making a delicious masterpiece. The fast food chain shared a video of a few Dessert Hacks you can try like soft-serve vanilla ice cream sandwiched between burger buns – seedless of course. Here are just a few other combinations you can try: Apple pie dunked in a caramel ice cream sundae, a Chocolate chip cookie dipped in a Smarties McFlurry, and even an Apple pie drizzled with BBQ sauce…. or maybe not.



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When it comes to secret menus, Starbucks is royalty. Our first pick from the delicious coffee chain has got to be the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte. To enjoy the scrumptious creation just order a white chocolate mocha but ask for additional cinnamon dolce syrup. You can then top it with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar to complete the vibe.

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Want a coffee beverage that tastes like dessert? Look no further. Swing by your local Starbucks to place an order for this insane treat. Just ask for an oat milk latte with mocha syrup and brown sugar syrup. We recommend enjoying this treat iced.

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You know that childhood snack you used to love? Teddy Grahams were the sweet little bears we used to bite the heads off in our youths. Well, if you loved those, this latte recipe will give you a serious blast from the past. Just order up a toffee nut latte, made with an oat base, and add brown sugar syrup. Trust us, you’ll be obsessed.

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We don’t get In-N-Out Burger here in Canada, but Five Guys has a cool dupe. Just order up a cheeseburger with any toppings you like. Then ask for sides of mayo, ketchup, and relish. Mix the three sauces together, plop ’em on your burger, and you’re all set! It’ll taste just like the iconic animal-style treat.

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So mix up your fast food game and try these “secret menu” items today! We know we’ll be tasting a few of these crazy recipes!