Get flossin’ folks, because, after two long years, the city decided today that the city will lift the Calgary indoor mask bylaw in line with the Alberta Government’s plan to lift COVID measures.

This means that come Step two of the government’s 3-phase program, which will take effect March 1st, face coverings will no longer be required unless a business or venue requests otherwise.

In a Tuesday morning council meeting, city officials voted 13-2 to remove the mandate in hopes of preventing any further confusion surrounding the new, looser restrictions.

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These new guidelines (or lack thereof) were unveiled last week during a press conference and detailed the following:

STEP 1 (took effect February 9th)

  • Restrictions Exemption Program removed, along with most associated restrictions.
  • Capacity limits in large facilities and entertainment venues (500+) remain in place, but food and beverages are now allowed in seats.
  • Capacity limits for locations not covered under the REP program are removed.
  • Mandatory masking requirements removed for:
    • children 12 and under in all settings as of February 14
    • children and youth in schools for any age as of February 14

 STEP 2 (takes effect March 1st – dependant on hospitalizations)

  • Any remaining school requirements removed (for example – Kindergarten to grade 6 cohorting).
  • Youth screening activities for entertainment and sport activities removed
  • Capacity on all large venues and entertainment venues lifted.
  • Indoor and outdoor social gathering limits lifted.
  • Mandatory work-from-home requirements lifted.
  • Indoor masking no longer required.

STEP 3 (date TBD)

  • COVID-specific continuing care measures removed.
  • Mandatory isolation removed (becomes a recommendation only).

If you have any questions about either the provincial laws,  municipal bylaws, or COVID restrictions – including the Calgary indoor mask bylaw – please visit the government websites provided.

Have fun, stay safe and get ready to cheese, YYC.