Another month is around the corner and we cannot wait to get into it. However, before we start making plans, it’s important to know what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Snow, sleet, rain or shine – the Alberta weather forecast for March could determine how we get to work, what we wear and where we go. So, what can we expect?

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), March is going to be a pretty mixed bag of conditions.

“As we close out February, usually we’re used to getting that end-of-February cold snap,” Alysa Pederson, a warning preparedness meteorologist with ECCC told Curiocity.

“Temperatures are well above normal… but to start March, there’s going to be a shift in the weather pattern.”

Described as ‘drastic,’ Alberta will swing in a frostier direction, but we will bounce back.

“We’re going to be talking snow and wind” she explained, adding that the first week of the upcoming month will have a “winter feel.”

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Current Calgary Weather Forecast

Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current Edmonton Weather Forecast

Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

“Temperatures are expected for the first week of March, to be at or below normal,” she continued.

“In Calgary, their normal is now at 1 for a daytime high. Edmonton’s is -2 so to be below normal even if we’re 5 to 10 degrees below normal, we’re still only looking at -5 t – 10 at the most.”

This, of course, is nothing compared to what we experienced in January.

“If we look a little bit further at the March outlook, the general trend looks to be giving us temperatures that are going to be above normal.”

“We’re going to get a little bit of cold snap to start March, but the longer range models and the longer range forecasts are going to be warming up right after that.”

Excited? Well, just because the temperatures are higher doesn’t mean we’re going to be snow-free!

Luckily, Alberta is in serious need of precipitation.

“Don’t put away your shovels” she said.

“We’re still going to get some pretty good snowfall dumps right into April and May in Alberta. Be prepared for winter conditions right through – pretty much to May long.”

And there you have it, folks Your Alberta weather forecast. Stay safe, stay warm and be patient, Alberta. It’s going to be an interesting month.