It’s no secret that the city is filled with delicious Korean restaurants, from fried chicken to more classic fare. But, the arrival of the first dedicated savoury Korean pancake house in Vancouver has us very excited. It’s set to open in Yaletown, and here’s what to know.

Mapo Pancake House revealed last week that it’s gearing up to open. It’s coming to Mainland Street, and will be replacing the former Korean/Mexican fusion spot Milssam Tacorea. In addition to the pancakes, they’ll be serving up a variety of Korean side dishes, and focusing on makgeolli (a Korean rice wine-based drink) for something to sip on.

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But, we’re definitely most excited about the pancakes. Called Pajeon, the pancakes use a savoury batter, then incorporate a variety of ingredients and toppings to make things extra special. We’re talking everything from vegetables to meats to cheese, so we have a feeling they’ll have something for everyone once they open.

Which unfortunately, hasn’t been announced quite yet. We’re hoping that this spot to get a savoury Korean pancake in Vancouver opens sooner rather than later, and will make sure to update you once a date is revealed!

Mapo Pancake House

When: Opening TBA
Where: 1130 Mainland Street