It’s honestly been one of the hold outs of dipping its toes into Canada, but Mango is changing all that and changing it fast. The massive fashion brand recently announced an expansion of its North American presence, with stores opening as early as this year. Here’s what to know.

Last week, the brand put out a press release detail the decision. The move “reinforces the company’s commitment to North America”, with stores popping up all over the US currently. While some Mango products are sold through Hudson’s Bay stores and online, there has yet to be a full-fledged store in the country.

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Well, that’s changing, and fast. The company is kicking things off in the east, with the plan to open “six stores in Toronto during 2022-2023”. They’re not stopping there, though… the terms of their deal will see “least 20 new stores” across Canada opening over the next decade.

Details are slim about the locations of the first Mango stores in Canada, but we’ll keep you updated once they’re revealed!