These homes look like they belong in a sci-fi film but believe it or not, they may be built right here at home. A new article by Architectural Digest has highlighted four exceptional Canadian home designs and they’re unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

“These special houses seem more like livable art,” the article says, and we couldn’t agree more.

The first home featured in the article is the Mountain House, designed by an Iranian architect named Milad Eshtiyaghi. The home is set to be built into the side of a cliff on Quadra Island in B.C., with two levels for living and one for sports and recreation.

The design is both breathtaking and complex, especially because it was built around four old pre-existing trees.

This Eshtiyaghi concept home, located in Vancouver, was also featured in the article. Bridge House is a cliff house design that spans two floors as separate units, with concrete cores on both sides of the cliff.

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One of the most unique features of this home is the pool, which is located on the roof of the upper unit. The lower unit has a view of the pool through its roof, so you can gaze up at your pals swimming in the water as you relax on the couch below.


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Another one of Eshtiyaghi’s concept homes was highlighted, but this one is on the opposite side of the country in Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island.

This box-shaped house also consists of two structures with a rooftop deck overlooking the stunning landscape and a glass floor with views of the landscape and waters below.

Finally, there’s the Maralah isolation cabin designed by LAAV Architects. This home concept is located in Calgary and made from raw concrete, glass, and matte black steel.

“Partly submerged in the ground, partly cantilevered over the cliff with a dramatic fully glazed bedroom, framing the breathtaking view over the turquoise Bow river,” says the property’s description.


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These incredible feats of architecture definitely deserve their moment in the spotlight, and we hope to see them come to life someday!