Now this is the type of heartwarming stuff we love to see. An American man by the name of Rob Kenney used inspiration from his dad leaving when he was a child to start up a YouTube channel. The stars aligned for Rob, as his “Dad, How Do I?” channel has gained nearly 1.5 million YouTube subscribers in only a month.

With topics ranging from “Dad, How Do I Unclog a Sink?” to checking the air pressure on one’s tires, the whole channel is dedicated to passing on wisdom kids with fractured homes may miss out on. It’s simple, refreshing, and really puts a lot of things into perspective during these unprecedented times.

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Speaking with a local Chicago TV station, Kenney said he thought the channel “would have 20 or 30 subscribers.” Little did he know that his friendly advice and sage words of wisdom would resonate with millions.

So, while you’re stuck at home and unsure how to use that spare time, take some advice from Rob: “The whole quarantine thing has been rough on all of us across the globe so I finally had some time to do it. I suggested it probably two years ago to my daughter and she said, ‘you need to do that’.”

That’s right, folks. Sometimes getting something started is all it takes! Check out the Dad, How Do I? YouTube channel right here.