Flex your knowledge of The Office with this internet quiz and win prizes!

Via The Office / IMDB

You’ve watched and rewatched every cold open, quoted every iconic one-liner, and have almost run out of Jim pranks to pull on your own co-workers, but are you a superfan? You better firm upon your Dunder and Mifflin knowledge because The Office virtual quiz is coming to a couch nearest you and will separate the Pams from the Dwights.

This June, go head-to-head against fellow Scott tots for a chance to win incredible prizes and the title of bushiest beaver. An honour, really.

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The quiz will also feature a life host and fun mini-games that everyone can participate in between each round! To play, each quaranteam will have to cough up 10 Schrutebucks, and head over to this link here, at 7:30 pm Friday, June 12th. We’ll see you guys there!

Bad hair cuts, second heads, first aid dummy face coverings, and “that’s what she said” jokes will be encouraged! Good luck, nerds.


When: Friday, June 12th
Time: 7:30 pm (Eastern time click here, Western time click here)
Cost: $10

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